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Advanced Kegel Balls

For those of you who are experienced and have used kegel balls before, a heavier weight may be required to take your pelvic floor training a step further. With heavier kegel balls, it will be more difficult to keep the balls in place and your kegel exercise will be tougher and more effective.

The size of the balls also affects the degree of difficulty. Small, compact and heavy bullets are a greater challenge compared to light and large ones. Feel free to try buying a couple of small and heavy geisha balls or Ben Wa Balls - your muscles will have to work to keep the balls in place.

Do you want to try vibrating balls with advanced functions? Then take a look at our nice selection of vibrating kegel balls.

Shots Toys Ben Wa Balls Set
Silver metal balls in 3 different sizes to give you training and a better sexlife.
In stock
€35,95 €26,96
Balls with different weights for effective training of the pelvic floor.
In stock
€39,95 €31,16
Elegant and heavy kegel balls with a practical pull ring. Weighs 188 grams.
In stock
Kegel balls for training or stimulation, can be controlled via app or remote control.
In stock
€30,95 €23,83
Sweet Smile Kegel Training Balls
Pinch balls with four balls for a gradual and effective pelvic floor-training.
In stock
€35,95 €29,48
Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure Balls
Heavier metal Kegel balls, perfect for the experienced but also for the beginner.
In stock
La Gemmes Yoni Egg Set, Jade
3 yoni eggs in different sizes. Cleansing properties that provide calm and balance.
In stock
€62,95 €44,69
Anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time. Control the vibrations wirelessly.
In stock
€115,95 €80,01
We-Vibe Bloom, coral
App-controlled and vibrating balls in silicone. Three different weights are included.
In stock
Silver-colored exercise balls that stimulate you and your partner during intercourse.
In stock
3 for €60
€26,95 €22,37
Comfortable and slightly heavier Kegel balls for more effective training.
In stock
€26,95 €17,52
4 silky-smooth kegel balls that help you to a more comfortable orgasm.
In stock