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A Packer is a form of penile prosthesis that is primarily designed for transmen (female-to-male transgender) to be able to fill out their underwear or create a larger bulge under their clothes. It can help alleviate gender dysphoria and play a crucial role in one's everyday life.

Our Packers have a realistic design in different skin tones and are made of silicone or other soft materials that provide high comfort and a realistic feeling. Some are solid while others, called STP (Stand-To-Pee), are designed to be able to pee through. Find the one that best suits your needs - a Packer can make a difference!

Mr. Limpy Mr. Limpy, Medium
Realistic and limp penis that acts as a packer for a bigger bulge.
In stock
Realistic and limp penis that acts as a packer for bigger bulge.
In stock
Doc Johnson Pack It Heavy
Slender and realistic penis for those who want to show off a bigger package.
In stock
€12,95 €11,14
California Exotic Packing Penis, 10.3cm
Realistic Packer in soft TPR-material. For you who want a larger package.
In stock
California Exotic Packer, Stand-To-Pee
A hollow packer for you who want the opportunity to stand up when you pee.
In stock