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A flogger is a whip with tearing fronds that lands intensely on your partner's naked body. Spank your partner with painful blows or tickle your partner's skin!

Here there are both robust floggers for a really powerful flick and smaller versions for slightly gentler blows. Whether you're a spanking beginner or more experienced, a flogger is a perfect sex whip that lets you experience pleasurable pain.

€17,95 €4,49
Flogger with tearing fringes in denim fabric that land intensively on the skin.
In stock
€17,95 €7,18
Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Cat O-Nine
A lovely flogger! Show your partner who is in charge when they have been naughty.
In stock
€17,95 €8,98
Fetish Fantasy Series First Time Flogger
A delicious leather whip that will undoubtedly show which of you is in charge!
In stock
Taboom Bondage Vogue Studded Whip
Exclusive flogger whip with tearing fringes in PU-leather for kinky spanking.
In stock
€21,95 €13,17
Elegant flogger with a nice handle and tearing leather lashes.
In stock
€21,95 €17,12
Sportsheets Brat Flogger
Exclusive Flogger with 30 tearing fringes in PU-leather and easy-to-grip handle.
In stock
€21,95 €15,80
Ouch! Glow Flogger
Luminous flogger with tearing fringes in PU-leather for exciting spanking play.
In stock
€21,95 €17,12
Taboom Bondage Signature Flogger
Elegant flogger in PU-leather with soft but strong fringes for pleasant spanking.
In stock
Sportsheets Braided Flogger
Flogger with easy-to-grip handle and 9 braiding whip-strands in artificial leather.
In stock
€17,95 €11,67
DreamToys Blaze Whip
All-black and durable flogger that with its lashes tears nicely against the skin.
In stock
€62,95 €44,69
Icicles Icicles No. 38
Whip with handblown glass handle designed for vaginal and anal play.
In stock
€48,95 €40,14
Scandal Scandal Flogger
A real whip for your S&M-play, are you the one to be punished or rewarded?
In stock
Flogger with luxurious, burgundy handle and long, tearing fringes.
In stock
Fetish Fantasy Series Beaded Cat-o-Nine Tails
You will love spanking after trying this delicious whip from Pipedream.
In stock