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Sex Toy Cleaners

A Toy Cleaner provides an effective cleaning of your sex toys. The most intimate parts of the body are sensitive and fragile, so it is very important to clean your sex toys after use.

For the best care and hygiene, we recommend cleaning agents specially developed for sex toys and not ordinary soap, dish soap or shampoo. Partly because these can destroy the material, partly because they are not always so gentle on your intimate parts.

Joyland has many antibacterial and effective toy cleaning sprays. These help you hygienically wash and clean your toys to keep unwelcome bacteria away. If you follow the manufacturer's care instructions, your products will also last significantly longer.

€11,95 €7,89
NatureBody Hygiene Enjoy Toy
Effective and gentle Toy Cleaner without alcohol. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.
In stock
3 for €30
Effective cleaning spray with anti-bacterial effect that is free of alcohol.
In stock
€8,95 €6,27
Doc Johnson Ultraskyn Powder
Powder that preserves the quality and soft feel of your toys in Ultraskyn.
In stock
PharmQuests Vegan Toy Cleaner
Natural and vegan cleaning foam that effectively cleans your sextoys.
In stock
€11,95 €9,20
Anti-bacterial spray that keeps your sex toys clean and fresh.
In stock
Hygienic cleaning spray that can be used both on intimate parts and toys.
In stock
€11,95 €9,20
RFSU Sexleksaker Toy Cleaner, 100ml
Cleaning spray that takes care of your sextoys in the best way.
In stock
System JO Toy Cleaner, 207ml
Toy cleaner that disinfect your toys in large and stylish pump-bottle.
In stock
€8,95 €7,16
Shots Lubes & Liquids Rejuvenation Powder
Powder that extends the life of your toys in TPE-material.
In stock
EasyGlide Toycleaner, 150ml
Cleaning spray that effectively and immediately cleans your sextoys.
In stock
Shots Lubes & Liquids Cleaner Spray, 100 ml
Fast-acting spray that effectively cleans and refreshes your sextoys.
In stock
Effective and fast-acting cleaning spray for your sextoys.
In stock
Hygienic cleaning-spray that can be used on both intimate parts and toys.
In stock
€15,95 €11,48
Gentle cleaning spray for your sex toys. Kills 99.9% of all bacteria.
In stock
Clean your toys in a hygienic way. Gentle and free of alcohol.
In stock
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Did you know that most cleaning sprays suitable for sex toys kill up to 99.9% of bacteria? Choose a universal cleaner if you have sex toys made of many different materials for easier sex toy cleaning.

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