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Penis Plugs

A penis plug is a unique sex toy that has yet to gain the attention of the general public. However, the curious souls who dare to try rarely leave disappointed.

Penis plugs stimulate the urethra which gives an intense sensation. A feeling that for many men gives a completely unimagined pleasure. It is common to use a penis plug during masturbation to pull it out during orgasm.

At Joyland you will find a large selection of penis plugs with different designs, thicknesses and textures. Some have a solid plug that stops fluid and ejaculation while others have a hollow design that allows fluid to flow through. There are also penis plugs with a glans ring that provides extra stimulation and a delicious look.

If you want to take the step further and stretch your urethra properly, there are also Dilators and Sounds.

€30,95 €21,97
Kit with three high-quality penis plugs in different sizes and designs.
In stock
€20,95 €13,62
Unique penis plug with glans ring. Prevents the sperm and stimulates intensively.
In stock
Penis plug in metal together with a nice cockring in silicone.
In stock
Ribbed penis plug with umbrella stop for urethral stimulation and stylish look.
In stock
Hollow penis plug with stainless steel ring that intensively stimulates the urethra.
In stock
€57,95 €38,25
Three penis plugs that intensively stimulate the urethra for a unique pleasure.
In stock
Penisplug of soft and flexible silicone. Perfect for beginners.
In stock
Hollow penis plug in stainless steel with stimulating grooves for an intense feeling.
In stock
€21,95 €17,12
Flexible and hollow penisplug with a ring that gives nice pressure under the glans.
In stock
Penis plug with an exciting design that stimulates intensely.
In stock
Unique penis plug with a built-in cage that is placed around your glans.
In stock
Expertpanelen man

The expert panel advises

During insertion, it is important to be calm. If you are nervous, you will notice how the muscles contract and it will be difficult to insert the plug. Remember to only use plugs made of steel or other safe material.