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About Joyland

Joyland is founded on a strong drive to help people to a better love life and a higher quality of life. We want to inspire to the art of enjoying the present. This has become the key to our success and constantly permeates our business.

For all preferences and wallets

Our ambition is to offer you the widest and most varied range of sex toys and intimate products. At Joyland there is always something for everyone – regardless of wallet and preference. In our large selection you will find carefully selected quality products at very competitive prices.

We always give more

Joyland always does its utmost to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied! For example, we always strive to be the first in Europe with the hottest product news.

One of our mottos is that you should never pay more than necessary, neither for the products nor for the shipping.

Our fresh office and warehouse of 500 square meters is located in Sweden. Thanks to modern logistics systems and optimized storage, we pack and deliver hundreds of orders daily. The high product turnover guarantees that you always receive new and fresh products.

With fast and accommodating customer service, we guarantee that you can always feel safe with us, both before and after your purchase.

Positive employees

We who work at Joyland are a happy, purposeful and creative bunch with solid knowledge of the products we sell. In short; We are passionate about what we do!

Joyland continuously trains its staff to maintain a high level of competence and ensure that we live up to your expectations.

Aim towards the future

One of Joyland's future goals is to be one of Europes leading retailer of intimate products by 2025. We work continuously to find new exciting products, expand the range and improve your shopping experience.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for new products that you think should be included in our range.

For a better world

For us, sustainability is a central issue that pervades all our decisions - read more about this in our sustainability policy.

Joyland customer support
Our helpful, pleasant and fast customer service is available both by phone and e-mail.

Joyland warehouse
At Joyland, we have over 8,000 products in our own warehouse - for discreet and super-fast delivery to your home.

Joyland 1 year
February 14, 2015, a memorable day when Joyland celebrated 1 year online.