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Flavoured Condoms

Flavored condoms make the condom something more than just protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. A fragrant and flavored condom becomes a humorous and exciting element in sex life without compromising safety. Many of the condoms are also playfully colorful.

Flavored condoms are perfect for those of you who want to make oral sex a real highlight. Here at Joyland you will find condoms with many different flavors. Do you like tropical flavors in the form of pineapple, coconut or mango? Or do you like more classic flavors like strawberry and vanilla? You are guaranteed to find someone you both like.

€17,95 €15,26
A mix of condoms in different variants, properties and designs.
In stock
Mixpack condoms with unique flavors for a more flavorful experience.
In stock
€24,95 €17,47
Chocolate-flavored latex-condom, perfect for tasty oralsex.
In stock
€28,95 €20,84
40-pack colored condoms with the taste of strawberry, banana and mango.
In stock
Latex condom with chewing gum-flavor, perfect for tasteful oralsex.
In stock
Delicious red condoms in large packs with a summery taste of strawberries.
In stock
Mix pack with 40 condoms for those who want to experience great variety.
In stock
10-pack of colored condoms with taste of strawberry, banana and mango.
In stock
€23,95 €19,40
Mix-pack with 48 condoms for those who want to experience great variety.
In stock
Colorful condoms with sex different flavors. Big pack with 144 condoms.
In stock
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Condoms don't have to be tough, naturally colored and fragrance-free. Joyland's condom range is wide, surprise your partner with a colored and tasty condom.