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A Paddle is the ultimate sex whip for those of you who want to be able to perform extra powerful strokes during your BDSM games. It has a flat design with a larger impact surface that lands intensively on your partner's bare skin. The loud spanking sound that occurs is both arousing and sexy!

Find your favorite among our paddles and take your BDSM-inspired spanking to the next level of pain and pleasure!

€17,95 €13,46
Luscious paddle in classic design and bound leather. Perfect for more riveting play.
In stock
€39,95 €31,16
Master Series Master's Wooden Paddle
A high-quality paddle in beech wood for really exciting dominance-play.
In stock
3 for €60
Taboom Bondage Slapper
Exclusive slapper whip for spanking-toys with extra loud spanking-sound.
In stock
Kinky Paddle with metal studs that deliver electrical impulses for more excitement.
In stock
DreamToys Diamond Paddle
Padded paddle with diamond pattern in vegan leather. Perfect for spanking.
In stock
€15,95 €11,48
Elegant paddle with a padded side in satin and a firmer one in artificial leather.
In stock
NSNovelties Cosmo Paddle
Delicious shimmering paddle for exciting spanking-play with your partner.
In stock
Sportsheets Studded Paddle
A paddle that has a smooth side and a side full of small stimulating studs.
In stock
€35,95 €22,29
Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm
A soft but still determined spanking paddle from the series Fifty Shades of Him.
In stock