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Intimate Shaving

Shaving is not always so fun, but something that many do to feel nice and fresh. Here is everything you need for an effective and gentle intimate shave so you can experience the smoothest skin you can imagine.

There are creams that are used both during and after intimate shaving. Some make shaving easier, while others moisturize, care for and prevent ingrown hairs after shaving. Everything to take care of the sensitive skin and counteract irritation.

RFSU has developed intimate care products that are specially adapted for shaving. Discover Easy Shave Gel which is gentle and transparent - so you can see what you are doing. Care for the skin afterwards with Cooling Balm or Ingrown Hair Cream.

There are also electric trimmers that you use all over your body and those that take care of your bikini lines. We also have creams for effective hair removal without a razor.

Remove unwanted hair growth quickly and smoothly with this cream.
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€44,95 €31,91
Ladyshaver with four accessories that trim face and body with precision.
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€179,95 €161,96
Uses light to make the skin smooth and free of hair for a longer period of time.
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€8,95 €7,16
Mild cream used after shaving intimate areas which reduces irritation.
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€7,95 €6,20
Mildly perfumed gel that prevents irritation and provides optimal intimate shaving.
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€17,95 €11,67
Take care of your skin after shaving and avoid razorburns and inflamed skin.
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€53,95 €44,78
Perfect trimmer with four heads, each with its area of ​​use.
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