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Spreader Bars

A Spreader Bar is the perfect accessory for those of you who want to practice exciting bondage and domination games. It imprisons the legs or arms in a fixed and parting position where you get the opportunity to fully control your partner. A sexy restriction that leaves your partner completely at the mercy of your wishes.

The cuffs can be placed around the ankles to force your partner's legs apart. They can also be used around the wrists, either in front of the body or behind the back, to limit your partner's ability to move.

€44,95 €35,51
Spreader Bar with four soft shackles that spread the legs and hold the hands.
In stock
€44,95 €35,96
Exclusive Spreader Bar with luxury foot shackles and robust metal bar.
In stock
€98,95 €72,23
Adjustable Spreader Bar with necklace and handcuffs in genuine leather.
In stock
Delicious Spreader Bar with comfortable shackles that limit your partner's mobility.
In stock
€80,95 €72,05
Sportsheets Expandable Spreader
With this bar and accompanying ankle-strap, your partner always separates the legs!
In stock
Spreader Bar with four removable shackles for many exciting positions.
In stock