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A speculum is an instrument used to widen body cavities during examinations in the doctor's office. It's also a perfect tool for those of you who want to explore really kinky sex and doctor games.

A speculum opens up your partner's most intimate parts for inspection and stimulation. It gives you an insight into your partner that you didn't have before. Your partner is completely at your mercy and you are in control. Doctor games and role plays where one is a doctor and the other a patient are characterized by dominance and submission.

There are both vaginal and anal speculums. The instrument not only gives you the opportunity to inspect but also to stimulate your partner. Only the imagination sets the limits!

Explore sexy role playing games and doctor games! Regardless of whether you like role-playing and always fantasized about what it would be like when the gynecologist visit leads to something more or if you are just very open sexually and like when it gets a little kinky, a speculum is the product for you.

Make your dreams come true when it comes to anal games with this anal spec.
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3 for €60
The product that gives you full control over both the g-spot and the clitoris.
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€71,95 €53,96
Stylish speculum for vaginal/anal examinations with tubes for air or liquid.
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Now you can fully explore your partner's vagina with this quality speculum.
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€26,95 €17,52
You2Toys Vagina Opener
Sexy tool that opens up the vagina for examination and stimulation.
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The expert panel advises

Open your partner carefully with the top and use plenty of lube. Then use your speculum to separate as much as desired.