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Kegel Exercise Sets

Kegel Balls and Geisha balls in kits are perfect for you who want to gradually and effectively train your pelvic floor. A set with different kegel balls or with replaceable balls means that you can start carefully with a lighter weight and then increase the weight as strength is built up.

A kegel exercise will be more effective if you match the weight with your current strength. If you take too heavy balls from the beginning, you will notice that it will be difficult to keep them in place. With a kit, you get the opportunity to test yourself, regardless of whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

Shots Toys Ben Wa Balls Set
Silver metal balls in 3 different sizes to give you training and a better sexlife.
In stock
€35,95 €26,96
Balls with different weights for effective training of the pelvic floor.
In stock
€62,95 €40,92
Kegel-set with different balls for effective training of the pelvic floor muscles.
In stock
Magic Motion Crystal Duo Kegel Vibe
App-controlled pelvic floor trainer for pleasure and sensual muscle training.
In stock
€62,95 €44,69
Set of three different weight balls for effective training of the pelvic floor.
In stock
€30,95 €23,83
Sweet Smile Kegel Training Balls
Pinch balls with four balls for a gradual and effective pelvic floor-training.
In stock
€115,95 €80,01
We-Vibe Bloom, coral
App-controlled and vibrating balls in silicone. Three different weights are included.
In stock
Pretty Love Orgasmic Ball
Balls that provide vaginal training and pleasure in your everyday life!
In stock
La Gemmes Yoni Egg Set, Jade
3 yoni eggs in different sizes. Cleansing properties that provide calm and balance.
In stock
Silver-colored exercise balls that stimulate you and your partner during intercourse.
In stock
€39,95 €31,16
Fantasy for Her Kegel Train-Her Set
Kit with three ergonomic kegel balls with different weights for effective training.
In stock