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  • Je Joue: Ami kegel balls, pink
  • Je Joue: Ami kegel balls, pink
  • Je Joue: Ami kegel balls, pink
  • Je Joue: Ami kegel balls, pink
  • Je Joue: Ami kegel balls, pink

Je Joue
Ami kegel balls, pink

Sku: 13669
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  • Complete kit for effective training
  • Varied size, weight and softness
  • 100% bodysafe silicone

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Product Description

Ami Kegel Balls - a complete Kegel-kit for effective training of the pelvic floor-muscles.

Exercise with Kegel-balls is especially recommended for new mothers, as the pelvic floor muscles often lose their natural tension after giving birth.

Muscles also become weaker over the years, which can lead to an incontinence and a deteriorating sex life, but with the help of Ami you can strengthen your muscles and regain pleasure.

Since strong pelvic floor muscles produce naturally more powerful orgasms, Kegel-training can of course benefit women of all ages - and Ami will be your best friend on the road to a more beautiful sexlife. 

The kit contains three sets of balls of different size, softness and weight, which allows you to work out your muscles gradually.

  • Ami 1 - A large, light and soft ball that is perfect for the beginner.
    Diameter: 3,9 cm. Length without loop: 3,7cm. Weight: 47 g. 
  • Ami 2 - Two interconnected, soft balls that are slightly smaller and heavier.
    Diameter: 3,3 cm. Length without loop: 8 cm. Weight: 78 g. 

  • Ami 3 - Two small, hard and heavy balls suitable for those who have been training for a while. 
    Diameter: 2,8 cm. Length without loop: 6,9 cm. Weight: 106 g. 

All parts are made of 100% soft and body-friendly silicone and are comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

Use your Ami-balls with water-based lubricant to facilitate insertion and training at home until you feel comfortable with them.

Then you can have your secret little friends come with you wherever you go. After use, simply clean the beads with plain mild soap and water.


Brand: Je Joue
Color: Pink
Material: Silicone
Surface: Silky smooth
Firmness: Medium, Hard
Vibrating: No
Waterproof: Yes
Phthalate-free: Yes
Lube Recommendation: Water