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Electro Sex Toys

Electrosex involves stimulation with sex toys that deliver electrical impulses. This type of stimulation is incredibly nerve-wracking and provides an intense and completely unique feeling.

With the help of E-Stim, you can stimulate every sensitive place on the whole body, even if it often ends with the genitals and other erogenous zones.

At Joyland you will find all kinds of electric toys and accessories that allow you to experiment with electrostimulation. There are also stimulators here, a device that is often needed to activate the electrical impulses on your sex toy.

ElectraStim Sterile Lubricant
Sterile lubricant in 10 disposable bags specially developed for electrosex.
In stock
The gel for you who love electrosex and want intense pleasure.
In stock
Vibrating penile probe that stimulates the urethra with electrical impulses.
In stock
Kinky Paddle with metal studs that deliver electrical impulses for more excitement.
In stock
€44,95 €35,51
Taboom Bondage Prick Stick ElectroWand
Rechargeable Electro Wand that delivers electrical impulses for extra excitement.
In stock
€89,95 €71,96
ElectroShock E-Stim Prostate Vibe
Wireless prostate vibe that delivers vibrations and electrical impulses.
In stock
XR Brands E-Stim Crop
Kinky whip that gives a perfect flick and delivers electric impulses.
In stock
€53,95 €44,78
ElectroShock E-Stim Penis Ring
Cockring that delivers vibrations and electrical impulses.
In stock
€71,95 €62,60
ElectraStim Prestige Electraloops
Two adjustable penis-rings that with a stimulator can deliver electrical impulses.
In stock
€359,95 €287,96
Create your own patterns. Get the most out of your electrosex-products.
In stock
€251,95 €216,68
Multipack for your electrosex products, includes stimulator and gel etc.
In stock
€62,95 €54,14
Vibrating anal plug with electrical impulses and cockring for optimal pleasure.
In stock
€417,95 €359,44
The stimulator for you who want to experience electrosex in the best possible way!
In stock
€89,95 €71,96
California Exotic Volt, Electro-Spark
Flexible design that stimulates you with vibrations and electrical impulses.
In stock
€71,95 €62,60
ElectroShock E-Stim G-Spot Vibrator
Nerve-tickling vibrator that delivers vibrations and electrical impulses.
In stock
€116,95 €90,05
ElectraStim Electro-Sex Stroker
Nice masturbator for you who love electrosex and want to get the most out of it.
In stock
€89,95 €80,96
Penis plug with 24k gold-plating. Gives your penis nice electrical impulses.
In stock
Expertpanelen man

The expert panel advises

Electrical stimulation is now not only used by experienced BDSM practitioners, but has found its way into all kinds of homes.

Even if the products we sell are safe and well tested, you should always be careful at the beginning. You will only know how strong tension you like after you have tested it.

Expertpanelen kvinna