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A Pinwheel, or a so-called Wartenberg Wheel, was originally used as an instrument to test and explore the body's nerves. Today, Pinwheels are frequently used in BDSM to induce pleasure and pain.

The wheel is equipped with spikes that are passed over the skin for a really intense and nerve-tickling stimulation. Take it more gently for a tickling sensation or push harder to challenge your pain levels. Feel free to try combining with handcuffs and blindfolds - the feeling becomes even more intense and exciting!

Pinwheel with several wheels and spikes that activate nervecells somewhat painfully.
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Steel Power Tools Pinwheel
With sharp nails along your body, you strike a balance between pleasure and pain.
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Taboom Bondage Wartenberg Wheel
A wheel with spikes that can stimulate the entire body. Perfect as foreplay!
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€20,95 €15,50
You2Toys Pin Wheel
A wheel with spikes that can stimulate the whole body. Perfect as foreplay!
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€20,95 €13,62
California Exotic Entice Passion Wheel
Delicious Pinwheel with 22 tags that creates enjoyable pain and pleasure.
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Expertpanelen man

The expert panel advises

Grab hold of the handle and roll the wheel along the different parts of the body. The spikes stimulate every single nerve on the the road and it is a simple and effective way to speed up the desires.

A Pinwheel is perfect for the foreplay, but even afterwards, when the skin is most sensitive, it can be exciting to roll the wheel.