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  • €174,95 €129,46
    Amazing clitoral stimulation with air waves. Now in exclusive design and new features
    In stock
  • -42%
    €107,95 €62,61
    Powerful wand for both point and clitoral stimulation. Rechargeable.
    In stock
  • -21%
    €44,95 €35,51
    Exclusive pressure-waves that stimulates clitoris. Now in a travel-friendly format.
    In stock
  • -21%
    €44,95 €35,51
    Innovative masturbator with a spinning stimulation and nice suction effect.
    In stock
  • 3 for €30
    €14,95 €11,36
    Silicone-based lubricant that does not smell, smell, or smudges.
    In stock
  • -40%
    €44,95 €26,97
    Nanma Auto Rabbit
    Highest rating in newspapers! Dildo with double vibrators and ten operating modes.
    In stock
  • -43%
    €62,95 €35,88
    Treat yourself to a bit of luxury and achieve multiple orgasms several times over.
    In stock
  • -43%
    €124,95 €71,22
    Cockring with strong vibrations in six different positions. Rechargeable and quiet.
    In stock

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  • New
    Beautiful glass dildo with four beads making it great for great anal stimulation.
    In stock
  • New
    Glass-dildo with a smooth and a grooved end, perfect for optimal stimulation.
    In stock
  • New
    Glass dildo with two oval ends, perfect for optimal pressure and stimulation.
    In stock
  • New
    €21,95 €17,12
    Effective peniscream that promotes blood-circulation for a bigger and stronger penis.
    In stock
  • New
    €21,95 €17,12
    Effective penis cream that gives you a bigger penis and improved erection.
    In stock
  • New
    €62,95 €35,88
    Vibrating and app-controlled butt plug with many exciting functions in the app.
    In stock
  • New
    A delicious whip that also has a set of tickling feathers at the other end.
    In stock
  • New
    Compact air pressure vibrator with silicone loop that makes it comfortable to handle.
    In stock

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€53,95 €36,15
The third generation of the Satisfyer Pro 2 - now with vibrations and a new nozzle.
In stock
€71,95 €17,27
Curved silicone dildo with clear lines and asymmetrical shape for g-spot stimulation
In stock
€20,95 €16,34
Thicker gel for orgasms and pleasure, inspired by the Holy Mary orgasm oil.
In stock
€206,95 €175,91
Womanizer Womanizer Next
Vibrator with new air pressure-technology that gives a new dimension of pleasure.
In stock
€62,95 €44,69
The praised masturbation-toy that gives pleasant vibrations and extra stimulus.
In stock
€26,95 €18,06
Super Dragon Super Dragon Delay
Effective spray that numbs your penis and delays ejaculation.
In stock
€80,95 €72,05
Really big dildo with a soft outside and firmer inside for a real feel.
In stock

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Sex toys spark more joy!

Sex toys for more pleasure!

Joyland offers you one of Europes widest and most varied selections of sex toys and intimate products. There are always good products here for everyone – regardless of wallet and preference.

At Joyland, you always get quick and discreet delivery of sex toys. In our sex shop, you can easily shop online with Klarna. We maximize the quality and at the same time push the price, so that you can buy Sweden's best and cheapest sex toys at outlet prices, without having to hunt for discount codes online. For those of you who order a lot of sex toys, we make it extra affordable by offering free shipping over €99.

So try something new with lovely sex toys and let yourself be fulfilled by more passion in life!

Sex toys are a wonderful spice in sex life

Sex toys are excellent aids that heat up cohabitation and that creatively make nights and mornings in bed a little extra exciting.

The view of these pleasure products has changed radically in the last 5-10 years. In the past, sex toys were often associated with pornography and considered indecent. Today, sex aids are seen by many as a natural spice for more pleasure and increased quality of life.

Unfortunately, the view of sex toys for men is not quite as positive - something that we are actively working to change.

Development is making progress

Sex toys are no longer just white hard plastic dildos. Today there is an enormous wealth of variety in terms of materials and technical innovation. Joyland always strives to be at the forefront of the latest trends. All our products are selected with the greatest care and of course we only sell products in 100% body-safe materials.

Sex toys provide better health

Toys help hundreds of thousands of Europeans to have a better sex life, which in turn leads to better public health.

According to several researchers, an active sex life provides these benefits:

  • Reduced stress and lowered blood pressure, which counteracts cardiovascular diseases
  • Improved immune system
  • Release of the hormone oxytocin, which relieves pain and provides a better night's sleep
  • Strengthens the relationship and gives better self-confidence
  • Burns calories and helps you lose weight
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer in men

Sex toys for her

Joyland has a large selection of sex toys for women that are guaranteed to satisfy all women's needs regardless of the type of stimulation they want to experience. In our online store there are an infinite number of products in different materials and sizes as well as with different designs, functions and areas of use.

As a woman, you will certainly find something that suits you and your wishes. A sex toy can also be a nice gift for your girlfriend or best girl friend.

With us you will find classic dildos and vibrators but also more innovative sex toys that, for example, pulse, penetrate and are app-controlled. The air pressure vibrator that stimulates the clitoris with pressure waves has quickly become a favorite among many women.

We also have a large selection of, among other things, vibrating eggs that stimulate your insides, Magic Wands that massage the whole body or thong vibrations that provide a discreet stimulation wherever you are. Do you want to train your pinch muscles? Our varied selection of hairpins will help you!

We care about female pleasure and want you to have the opportunity to experience more pleasurable moments, alone or together with your partner. Therefore, feel free to look into our different categories of female sex toys and enjoy more!

Buy your sex toys easily online - With us you always get fast and 100% discreet delivery!

Sex toys for him

For a long time, sex toys for women have dominated the market. The range is still slightly larger for women, but in recent years the development and supply of sex toys for men has also picked up speed.

In our online store, there are male sex toys that satisfy all men's needs. Our adult toys are guaranteed to make it a little extra hot in the bedroom, regardless of whether you are alone or together with your partner.

We are sure that you as a man will find something that suits you and your wishes. A sex toy can also be a nice gift for your boyfriend or best friend.

We have both male toys for a pleasant stimulation or for an improved erection.

With us, you will find classic loose vaginas, loose asses and loose mouths, but also more innovative masturbation toys that stimulate with, for example, pulsations, rotations, vibrations and thrusting - all while you lean back and just enjoy! Interactive and app-controlled products have really taken the market by storm.

We also hope that you dare to try stimulating the prostate - a prostate stick has given many men unimaginable pleasure.

Do you want to be able to make both of you enjoy a stronger erection? A penis ring, penis pump or extender is always a safe bet for those who want to perform at their peak.

Take a look at our different categories of male sex toys and enjoy more!

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Sex toys for couples

Are you looking for a more exciting and enjoyable sex life? Get the opportunity to explore each other's bodies and get closer to each other? We would like to help and therefore offer you a large selection of sex toys for couples.

Many sex toys are designed to suit both her, him and couples. Most are specially designed for games with your partner while others can be used during solo moments for both of you.

With us you will find different types of lubricants and condoms that provide more pleasant and safer sex. Don't underestimate foreplay – with massage oils, massage candles and erotic games, foreplay can only become even better and more fun.

Do you want to try light bondage? No worries, we have products for beginners who want to experience nerve-wracking moments together.

We also have a large selection of anal toys, strap-ons, aphrodisiacs, sex furniture and lovely couple toys that give you both pleasure.

Check out our different categories of sex toys for couples and enjoy more alone, but above all together!

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