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Shots Toys

Shots Toys

Dutch Shots Media (the company behind the Shots Toys brand) produces sex toys that provide great pleasure for a small amount. Shots Media is proud of its high-quality products that make sex life more fun and fulfilling without costing the shirt. The sex toys have a stylish design and exciting features.

Joyland has, among other things, the Sausage masturbation tool for men in five different variants, including soft oral and hard anal, specially designed for a lifelike experience. Shots Toys also manufactures lots of vibrating eggs in different sizes and colors.

All products from Shots Toys

€17,95 €13,46
Light numbing and relaxing gel that makes anal sex more pleasant.
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3 for €30
€20,95 €15,50
Three flexible cockring in different sizes for a larger and longer-lasting erection.
In stock
3 for €30
€17,95 €15,26
Soft comfortable cuffs that can be used as both wrist- or anklecuffs.
In stock
€9,95 €7,16
Stylish and comfortable eye mask that shuts out the light and increases the tension.
In stock
Powerful bulletvibrator with 10 vibrationmodes that stimulates your sensitive points.
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€12,95 €8,29
PharmQuests Anal Relaxer Lube
Water-based lubricant that numbs easily for nicer and more relaxed anal sex.
In stock
3 for €30
Realistic stroker for those who fantasize about playing with a sexy housekeeper.
In stock
€71,95 €44,61
Effective penis-extender that permanently makes your penis longer and wider.
In stock
3 for €60
€29,95 €20,97
Kit with four butt plugs, all of which have unique shapes and sizes.
In stock
3 for €30
Elegant medium-sized butt plug with a heart-shaped jewel at the base.
In stock
€12,95 €4,27
Shots Toys Vibrating Egg, red
Silky-smooth, vibrating egg with 10 vibration-modes.
In stock
3 for €30
€17,95 €11,85
Shots Toys Remote Bulletvibe
Wireless bullet-vibrator with 10 vibration-modes.
In stock
Fully adjustable cockring in silicone that gives hard and longlasting erections.
In stock
Female perfume with pheromones that give you a great attractiveness.
In stock
€11,95 €1,79
Purple tie in polyester that captivates your partner for exciting bondage-play.
In stock
€17,95 €4,49
Flogger with tearing fringes in denim fabric that land intensively on the skin.
In stock