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  • RFSU Intim: Easy Shave Gel, 150 ml

RFSU Intim
Easy Shave Gel, 150 ml

Sku: 18393
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(5 reviews)
  • Prevents itchiness and iritation
  • Optimal pH-value
  • Mild perfume and dermatologically tested
  • Kan be used for shaving of the whole body

Customer reviews

Product Description

Easy Shave Gel - Intimate cream for shaving intimate areas.

With Easy Shave Gel, you never have to feel that your lower abdomen gets irritated or that itching occurs after a shave.

This emollient and transparent gel has an excellent glide to facilitate the process. With gentle ingredients such as chamomile and meadow cress and an optimized pH-value, you give your lower abdomen the very best conditions.

The gel is intended for shaving intimate areas but works just as well on the rest of the body. For best results, shave with a razor in the shower. Feel free to use the product together with RFSU's "Cooling Balm" which is to be used after shaving.


Brand: RFSU
Color: Transparent
Texture: Thick
Perfumed: Yes
Volume: 150 ml