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  • Blind Love: Blindfold, black
  • Blind Love: Blindfold, black

Blind Love
Blindfold, black

Sku: 13248
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  • Receive/give control through bereaved sight
  • Light and handy with flexible band

Customer reviews

Product Description

Blind Love Eye Blind - Blind Your Partner!

The blindfold Blind Love is a completely dense blindfold that does not let in the slightest light from the outside.

It is a perfect and affordable tool for you who want to spice up the sexlife with excitement and surprise moments in the bedroom. When one of our most important senses is restricted, other senses become more prominent. Feel how touch becomes extra noticeable when vision disappears.

The strap fits comfortably with an elastic band and is made of polyamide. Of course, it also works as a normal blindfold if you want it extra dark when you rest or sleep.


Brand: Orion
Color: Black
Material: Polyamide