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California Exotic
Vacuum Twist Suckers, svart

Sku: 17753
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(3 reviews)
  • Become more sensive to touch 
  • Genial design makes them easy to use
  • Lusciously stylish

Customer reviews

Product Description

Vacuum Twist Suckers - Play with your nipples when they are at their stiffest and most sensitive.

Place the pumps over your nipples, then screw on the knob at the top and create a powerful vacuum underneath their suction cup.

Enjoy a strong sucking feeling and you can immediately feel how the bloodsupply increases and your nipples become larger and stiffer.

The area also becomes more sensitive, which makes touch, whether it is fingers, lips or tongue, much better.

The package includes 2 pieces, one for each nipple. They are made of transparent plastic so you can see everything that happens on the inside.


Brand: California Exotic
Color: Black
Material: Silicone, Acrylic, ABS plastic
Surface: Smooth
Firmness: Hard
Diameter: 4 cm
Length: 10 cm