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  • Catchlife: I Love You Massage, Gift Box, 3x75 ml

I Love You Massage, Gift Box, 3x75 ml

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(2 reviews)
  • The perfect gift
  • For sensual massage
  • Three different tastes/smells
  • Pleasant warming effect

Customer reviews

Product Description

I Love You Gift Box - The perfect gift for your partner!

I Love You Gift Box is a gift box from Catchlife, containing three bottles of massage oils with different flavors which can also be used as a lubricant.

Give your partner a warm massage and blow lightly on the massaged area for a nice warming effect. They also work just as well as lubricants for tasteful and intimate moments with your partner.

The different flavors of these oils are Melon/StrawberryVanilla and Blueberry/Peach and they are all free from artificial dyes and silicones. They are latex-compatible, sugar free and have the same quality as regular foods.

These oils give a silky and comfortable feel and leave the skin well moisturized. They leave no stains behind and are simply rinsed off with water.

Of course, they are heavenly good!


Brand: Catchlife
Lubricant base: Water
Effect: Warming
Color: Transparent
Texture: Light
Flavor: Vanilla, Peach, Melon, Strawberry, Blueberry
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 3x75 ml