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Pherofem, Erotic Eau De Toilette

Sku: 15979
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Also available for the opposite sex

(1 reviews)
  • Pheromones for erotic adventures
  • Flowery and feminine scent
  • Pretty little bottle
  • Easy to use

Customer reviews

Product Description

Pherofem - The perfume for those who are looking to find a new partner for the evening.

It is widely known that different aphrodisiacs have an impact on how we are attracted to other people, pheromones being one of them.

This floral perfume contains enough pheromones for you to get a new partner for the evening or excite the partner you already have.

Pherofem comes in a neat little bottle designed as the upper body of a woman.

Spray the perfume on your blood vessels such as wrists, behind the ears and even the creases to make it work best.

Head out into the mysterious world of the evening in search of a partner for an erotic encounter.


Brand: Cobeco Pharma
Color: Transparent
Texture: Light
Scent: Flower
Perfumed: Yes
Volume: 15 ml

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