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  • Fernand Péril: Eau De Toilette, Pour Homme, 100 ml
  • Fernand Péril: Eau De Toilette, Pour Homme, 100 ml

Fernand Péril
Eau De Toilette, Pour Homme, 100 ml

Sku: 17377
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(2 reviews)
  • Contains pheromones
  • Ignite lust with the opposite sex
  • Sensual scent of forest

Customer reviews

Product Description

Eau De Toilette, Pour Homme - Awaken the sensation of lust!

All credit to the one who fully trusts his innate seduction ability, but it is never wrong to help nature along the way.

This men's perfume with pheromones will arouse passionate desire in the opposite sex.

Spray 1-2 times on superficial blood vessels such as the wrists and behind the ears with this irresistible perfume, and you have every chance in the world to fulfill the night's hot dreams.

The perfume consists of carefully selected notes that in tests have been shown to possess a sexual appeal.

It is fern and anise together with cedar that make one's thoughts flow. Below the surface you will also find notes such as heliotrope and musk, the forest's most powerful scents.

Sexual mood is best when it is allowed to build up at its own pace. Introducing Fernand Péril and its sensual fragrance to your partner at an early stage can later result in a beautiful erotic explosion.


Brand: Fernand Peril
Color: Transparent, Black
Texture: Light
Scent: Lemon
Perfumed: Yes