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Soft-Tampons, Normal, 10-pack

Sku: 18123
In stock

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(3 reviews)
  • Live actively during menstruation
  • Soft material that is barely felt
  • Hygienic, skinfriendly and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect during physical activities
  • Can be used during sex

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Product Description

Soft Tampons - Innovative tampon that lets you live actively even during menstruation, without the risk of mishaps!

A brand new tampon without string that with its many good properties will make your everyday life easier. The design makes it easy to find and remove just as easily.

This soft tampon weighs only 2 grams and the soft material makes it barely felt. Even under sex, it can be worn without you or your partner feeling it. The shape and the material also allow you to practice sports and other physical activities safely!    

The tampon is made entirely without chemical content, which is good for your health.


Brand: JoyDivision
Firmness: Soft
Quantity: 10-pack