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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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  • LELO: Hugo, black
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Hugo, black

Sku: 15986
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(1 reviews)
  • Powerful vibrator with remote control for partner-play
  • Massages perineum & stimulates the prostate
  • Two motors with 8 different vibration-modes
  • Bodysafe silicone & chargable through USB

Customer reviews

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Product Description

Hugo - For those who think that male sextoys and quality are just as important as female sextoys.

This analvibrator comes in two versions, both with powerful vibrators, one without a remote control (Bruno) and then this one that has a remote control with a built-in vibrator for partner play.

Lelo themselves say that they worked very hard on these prostate rods and wanted to produce a quality product that removes the taboo of male sextoys.

The design is stylish and incredibly powerful which really gives a wonderful massage and stimulation of the prostate.

Not only is the design stylish and really delicious, it has two motors. The motors are at each end, one to give you lovely vibrations on the prostate, the other to stimulate the perineum and give you maximum pleasure effect.

What separates Hugo from Bruno is, as I said, the remote control, which also has a built-in vibrator for extra pleasure.

You will definitely climax with Hugo, best of all you will do it without having to use your own hands. The ergonomic design keeps it in place.

The vibrations come in 6 different vibration-patterns and 2 sensemotion-vibrations.

Hugo is made of 100% highly qualified silicone so that you can enjoy the very best on the market. Use a water-based lubricant with this anal toy and let yourself have an experience out of the ordinary.

You charge it smoothly via the supplied USB-cable.

 Product Sheet (PDF)


Brand: LELO
Color: Black
Material: Silicone
Surface: Smooth, Silky smooth
Firmness: Hard
Vibration modes: 6 modes
Battery type: Rechargeable via USB
Phthalate-free: Yes
Lube Recommendation: Water
Diameter: 2,5 cm
Length: 8 cm