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  • Pipedream Fetish Fantasy: Nipple Barrel Clamps
  • Pipedream Fetish Fantasy: Nipple Barrel Clamps

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy
Nipple Barrel Clamps

Sku: 14295
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  • Decide yourself how hard they should clamp
  • Feel an invigorating feeling thanks to the chain
  • Attach extra chains or weights

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Product Description

Nipple Barrel Clamps - Invigorating nipple-stimulance!

With Nipple Barrel Clamps, you can decide for yourself how hard you want your nipples to be squeezed and stimulated.

By screwing on the black cylinders that are just below the clamps, you release, or tighten the pressure and in this way you can get exactly the stimulation you are looking for and you can enjoy every little movement you make.

When the chain, which is about 23 cm long, moves, you will feel an invigorating and tingling feeling in your nipples and the stimulation can be nice during both the foreplay and the sex act.

The clamps are equipped with a rubber-cover which gives a slightly softer feeling, but these can of course be removed if you so wish. Thanks to the O-rings that the chain is attached to, you can easily attach e.g. other chains or breast-weights.


Brand: Pipedream » Fetish Fantasy Series
Color: Black, Silver
Material: Metal, Rubber
Firmness: Hard
Phthalate-free: Yes
Length: 23 cm