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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy
O-Ring Gag

Sku: 15059
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  • Keeps mouth open sexily
  • Perfect for domination-play
  • Metal ring and adjustable strap

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Product Description

O-Ring Gag - Keep your partner's mouth wide open!

The O-Ring Gag from Fetish Fantasy is the product for those who love oralsex-play and domination.

Want to squirt all over her mouth, throat and face? With this O-ring gag, your partner's mouth is completely wide open for you to be able to place a bet completely without demands.

The metal ring keeps your partner's mouth open and with the belt function, the straps sit comfortably in place and provide the best fit.

PS Always remember to agree with your sex-partner on which rules apply, in this case it is not possible to use words. Therefore, use any kind of sign that is possible during the sexact.


Brand: Pipedream » Fetish Fantasy Series
Color: Black, Silver
Material: Vinyl, Metal
Firmness: Hard
Phthalate-free: Yes
Type of gag: Open Gag
Diameter: 4,8 (ring) cm
Inner diameter: 3,8 (ring) cm