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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy
Satin Blindfold

Sku: 15062
In stock
(3 reviews)
  • Silky satin
  • Eliminate the abiliy to see
  • Strengthens the senses

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Product Description

Satin Blindfold - The blindfold for those who want to spice up the intimate moments even more.

Before people talked about the little black being a must in the closet, now it's becoming more and more common to experiment in the bedroom and we can safely say that it is becoming a must to have a blindfold in the drawers.

Tie this sexy and silky blindfold and allow your partner to become properly excited during your foreplay.

When one of the body's senses is turned off, like sight for example, the other senses are reinforced, why not let a feather wander over your partner's body, or an ice cube or a vibrating toy you have chosen together.

It is only your imagination that sets the boundaries that can be done with this blindfold.


Brand: Pipedream » Fetish Fantasy Series
Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Surface: Silky smooth

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