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  • Pjur Woman Bodyglide: Silicone-based Lubricant, 250 ml

Pjur Woman Bodyglide
Silicone-based Lubricant, 250 ml

Sku: 14176
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  • Longlasting and concentrated silicone-base
  • Prevents blushing and razor-bumps
  • Excellent for use with condom

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Product Description

Pjur Woman Bodyglide - Versitile lubricant for women!

Pjur Woman Bodyglide is a medical silicone-based lubricant specially developed for women, but of course works just as well for men!

Thanks to the high quality, this lubricant is long lasting and pleasant. Contains all recognizable qualities like other Pjur products and also vitamin E. In addition to common application areas for lubricants, this product also works great for massage and intimate shaving.

The special formula allows it to effectively counteract red bumps and reddish skin that can occur during shaving. The lubricant is completely free of chemical substances such as preservatives, oil, grease, and perfume which allows the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. The lubricant leaves the skin silky and soft afterwards.

Also works great to use with a condom.

All lubricants from Pjur are certified according to the European MDR (Medical Device Regulation), which means that they are classified as medical devices and follow strict quality requirements for your safety.


Brand: Pjur
Lubricant base: Silicone
Texture: Light
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 250 ml

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