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RFSU Grande
Condoms, 10-pack

Sku: 13195
In stock
  • Longer, wider and thicker model
  • Uncolored latex that has been lubricated
  • Tested to ensure good quality
  • Great protection against pregnancy and STDs

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Product Description

RFSU Grande (Okeido) - Extra spacious with generous shape.

Grande is a condom that is longer, wider and thicker than most other condoms and is therefore ideal for those who need a slightly more spacious alternative.

Grande is made of transparent latex and has a smooth surface with no knots. It is covered with lubricant for smooth and enjoyable use and has a reservoir on top.

With Grande, you who usually experience condoms to be a bit too tight can also get maximum enjoyment and benefit from the unique combination that condoms offer: Protection against unwanted pregnancy as well as against STDs.

All condoms in the series are tested electronically to ensure good quality so you don't have to worry.


Brand: RFSU
Color: Transparent
Material: Latex
Surface: Smooth
Flavor: Neutral
Quantity: 10-pack
Circumference: 11 cm
Width: 5,5 cm
Length: 19 cm
Condom thickness: 0,070 mm

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