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  • Icelandic Herbs: Secret of Love, 30 ml

Icelandic Herbs
Secret of Love, 30 ml

Sku: 15843
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(3 reviews)
  • Recommended by sextherapists
  • Easier to get orgasms
  • Give an excited feeling

Customer reviews

Product Description

Secret of Love - Extremely appreciated orgasm cream for those who want something 100% natural.

This spray has received standing ovations in reviews / tests by both sex therapists, newspapers and the people. And we understand why - it really does wonders.

The oil is completely natural and contains, among other things, ylang-ylang, dwarf palm, myrrh, bergamot, the aphrodisiac herb Damiana and about 20 other specially selected herbs.

Enjoy how Secret of Love boosts blood flow and gives you an excited feeling. It is also perfect for you with dry or irritating mucous membranes.

Apply the oil to your erogenous zones such as pubic lips, clitoris or your lips. Feel the excitement of the herbs and the essential oils.

Thanks to its aphrodisiac effects, it will help you reach your orgasm more easily.

Do not use if you are or suspect you are pregnant.


Brand: Icelandic Herbs
Effect: Increased blood flow
Texture: Thick
Volume: 30 ml

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