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Blue Pearl, Condoms, 12-pack

Sku: 19234
Sold out (invisible)
  • Completely blue latex-condoms
  • Treated with lubricant
  • Knots for extra stimulus
  • Has a perfect fit

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Product Description

Black Pearl - Deliciously black and extra stimulating!

Black Pearl contains 12 unique latex-condoms that are completely black and treated with quality silicone-based lubricant for optimal and longlasting glide. The exterior has a lovely knotty surface that stimulates your partner extra much. They are cylindrical and have a perfect fit. They also have a container on top.

The German condom-brand Secura manufactures high-quality and comfortable condoms for your safety and feeling. All condoms are made in Germany.


Brand: Secura
Color: Black
Material: Latex
Surface: Dotted
Quantity: 12-pack
Width: 5,2 cm