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  • Swiss Navy: Max Size Cream, Portion
  • Swiss Navy: Max Size Cream, Portion
  • Swiss Navy: Max Size Cream, Portion

Swiss Navy
Max Size Cream, Portion

Sku: 18233
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(3 reviews)
  • More powerful erection that lasts long
  • Excellent even on other areas
  • Cold, warmth and tingling in other areas
  • Can be used with condoms

Customer reviews

Product Description

Max Size Cream - Avoid frustration and pressure!

Max Size Cream is a cream that, thanks to the increased bloodflow in the penis, creates a harder and stronger erection, which also lasts longer.

In this way, it is an invaluable tool that gives you longer and more intense pleasurable moments together, and it is often of great use to avoid the frustration and pressure that can arise from this kind of problem.

Absorption takes place immediately after application and the effect lasts for a long time. Approximately between half an hour and an hour and it can also be applied several times completely without risk.

The cream can also be used in other parts of the body and also in women: For example on the nipples, in the anus or on the labia, and then contribute with stimulation through cold, heat and a tingling feeling.

Max Size Cream can be used with condoms without any problems.

This product is already available in sizes 10 ml and 150 ml and comes here in portion-packaging.

The effect of this product varies for the individual and a certain result can never be guaranteed.


Brand: Swiss Navy
Effect: Increased blood flow
Latex safe: Yes
Weight: 9 g