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Tenga Egg
Wavy, Cool Edition, Masturbator

Sku: 17755
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  • För magiska solostunder
  • Otroligt elastisk och töjbar
  • Tight waves on the inside

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Product Description

Tenga Egg, Wavy, Cool Edition- Enjoy a sensational and icy feeling together with a wonderful texture.

This is a unique sex toy for men of all sizes. It is designed as an egg with an incredibly elastic inside of TPE that is stretchable up to a full 30 cm.

What sets this egg apart from the others is the wonderfully icy and cool feeling that arises. Perfect for you who need to cool off on a hot night or when you are looking for something really special.

Fill the egg with water-based lubricant and also lubricate the opening for maximum feel. Then move the egg up and down over your penis and feel how the unique texture massages you comfortably.

The egg is an excellent product for solo-sex, but you can also ask your partner to "egg-wank" you - just sit back and enjoy the soft stimulation interspersed with intense pleasure. It all depends on how you choose to be pleasured!

The egg is made as a disposable product but can easily be used several times if you wash it thoroughly.

As said, are you tired of routine masturbation? No problem! The Tenga-series has many eggs - all with their unique exciting inner texture.

This egg has the texture Wavy and gives you a really tight experience. The wavy texture is guaranteed to bring you to climax in no time. 

Do you want to be certain that you don't miss any egg? Take a look at all of Tenga's Egg-series and all of the unique eggs in our category Tenga Egg.


Brand: Tenga » Tenga Egg
Color: White
Material: TPE
Opening: Other
Firmness: Soft
Lube Recommendation: Water
Width: 5 cm
Length: 6,6 cm
Insertable length: 30 cm