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Touché Massage Oil/Lubricant, Freezeable/Eatable, Banana

Sku: 13292
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(4 reviews)
  • As lubricant or massage gel
  • Lovely taste of sweet vanilla
  • Can be frozen for cooling sensations
  • Skintested and latex-compatible

Customer reviews

Product Description

Touchés Ice - Freezeable and flavoured for sex and massage!

Sometimes sex can make you shudder with lust. Not least if you use Touchés Ice Lubricant, the ice lubricant with an enticing aroma and taste of banana. Ice Lubricant is water soluble and edible.

You can cool down or freeze the lubricant and then smear it wherever you want on the body. Guaranteed to give you new and exciting sensations. Touchés Ice Lubricant is skin tested and can be used together with a latex condom without any problems. The agent can be used in liquid as well as in frozen form.

Although the ice lubricant has been developed for use in Touché's ice vibrator, it is also perfectly fine to use it as massage oil. In addition to the banana-flavour, there are several other delicious flavors such as: vanilla, lemon, orange, strawberry, mint, chocolate and wild berries.


Brand: Shots Toys » Touché
Lubricant base: Water
Effect: Cooling
Texture: Thick
Scent: Banana
Flavor: Banana
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 80 ml