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  • You2Toys: Klit-Kiss
  • You2Toys: Klit-Kiss
  • You2Toys: Klit-Kiss


Sku: 15436
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(2 reviews)
  • Nicely sucks your clitoris
  • Bumpy for increased stimulus
  • Extra sensitive for touch
  • Can even be used on nipples

Customer reviews

Product Description

ATTENTION! Discontinued and greatly reduced product - Take the chance while it is still available for purchase!

Clit Kiss - Enjoy the feeling that someone is sucking on your clitoris.

Place the small suction cup on your clitoris. Pump lightly a few times on the pump handle and feel how nice it sucks your clitoris. The bloodflow is going to increase and afterwards your clitoris becomes extra sensitive touch for touch. 

This vaginal pump also has a bumpy inside for increased feeling and stimulus.

Tip! Can also be used on your nipples and for an arousing and sucking feeling.


Brand: You2Toys
Color: Pink
Material: TPE, Silicone, PC
Surface: Smooth, Ribbed, Dotted
Firmness: Soft
Phthalate-free: Yes
Diameter: 2,2 (cup) cm
Length: 12,5 cm

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