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  • You2Toys: Sextreme, Storage Bag, 35x24 cm, black
  • You2Toys: Sextreme, Storage Bag, 35x24 cm, black
  • You2Toys: Sextreme, Storage Bag, 35x24 cm, black

Sextreme, Storage Bag, 35x24 cm, black

Sku: 15209
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  • Protects your toys from dust
  • Don't leave fluff behind
  • Good amount of space

Customer reviews

Product Description

Sextreme Storage Bag - Keep your vibrating and best friend safe and secure.

This discreet storage bag is a bit larger and fits dildos up to about 32 cm. Thanks to the width of the bag, it is also perfect for those with double-penetrating dildos or wider toys.

Many people have the problem of not know where or how to store their toys, but we have a few tips:

  • It should be dark since you do not want your toy to be bleached or destroyed by sunlight.
  • It should be in a place that does not dust or fade, as many materials love dust.
  • With a discreet packaging, you avoid direct attention from the curious.

We have solved all the problems for you, with this black storage bag your best friend will feel the very best and you no longer have to worry.

NOTE! Always keep your toys separately. To clean your products, have a look at our pharmacy on the left. Also, it is never wrong to remove the batteries if it delays a bit for the next use. This is because some sex toys tend to have a habit of slightly draining the battery even when turned off.


Brand: You2Toys
Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Firmness: Soft
Width: 24 cm
Length: 35 cm

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