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  • Belladot Warming: Water-based Lubricant, 100 ml

Belladot Warming
Water-based Lubricant, 100 ml

Sku: 13004
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  • Water-based formula
  • Lovely warming effect
  • For beautiful intimate moments
  • Optimal pH-value of 4.7
  • Condom-compatible

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Product Description

Belladot Warming, Water-based Lubricant - Perfect glide and a warming feeling!

Add some heat to your love life with a warming lubricant that gives that extra tingle in the lower abdomen.

Swedish Belladot has developed a water-based lubricant that warms the skin and thereby increases bloodcirculation so that the skin becomes a little extra sensitive. The result is a more sensual and stimulating sensation that is wonderfully seductive.

The lubricant is designed for intimate moments with your partner, and a few drops are enough for a pleasant gliding effect and warming sensation to occur.

The lubricant has an optimal pH-value of 4.7, which makes it gentle on intimate parts - perfect for the sensitive skin and mucous membranes of the abdomen. It is easy to rinse off, does not stain and is free from both fragrance and color. It is also compatible with latex condoms.

The lubricant comes in a beautiful aluminum-bottle with a practical pump-function for easy handling.

 User manual (PDF)


Brand: Belladot
Lubricant base: Water
Effect: Warming
Color: Transparent
Scent: Neutral
Flavor: Neutral
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 100 ml