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  • Beppy: Soft Comfort Tampons, Dry, 8-pack
  • Beppy: Soft Comfort Tampons, Dry, 8-pack
  • Beppy: Soft Comfort Tampons, Dry, 8-pack

Soft Comfort Tampons, Dry, 8-pack

Sku: 18125
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  • Have sex whenever you want!
  • Discrete with perfect fit
  • Can be used for up to 8 hours

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Product Description

Bebby Dry Tampons - Enjoy good sex during menstruation without any problems.

With this smart tampon, which without a string and with an anatomical shape is both discreet and fits the female shape perfectly, you can have sex with your partner even during menstruation. In addition, neither you nor your partner will notice it, thanks to its design. The tampon is also perfect for you who have an active lifestyle and like to move.

You can use the tampon for up to 8 hours.

Bebby tampons are available in two variants, dry or moist. This dry variant is perfectly adapted to your body and suitable for the experienced user. For the inexperienced, there is also a moist variant that contains a gel, which makes it easy to insert. It also has a loop for easy removal of the tampon.

All tampons have undergone thorough dermatological tests, which guarantees their quality.

One package contains 8 tampons.


Brand: Beppy
Firmness: Soft
Quantity: 8-pack