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Cottelli Collection
Strip BH-Set, 75B/S

Sku: 15585
Sold out (invisible)
  • Detachable bra and panties
  • Lifts up the bust
  • Sexy lace-pattern

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Product Description

Strip BH-Set -Seduce your partner with detachable parts!

A set of sexy lingerie that offers several surprises. Your partner is guaranteed to be surprised when parts of both the bra and panties turn out to be detachable.

The bra consists of two parts. The padded lower part lifts the breasts and keeps everything in place. The covering part, with the sexy lace-pattern, you can remove at any time and leave the nipples free.

The panty also has a padded part, but just like with the bra, some parts are detachable. Here you can remove both front and rear.

Together with sexy tights that hook into the panties that act as a combined tights, you will feel unbelievably sexy.


Brand: Cottelli Collection
Color: Red
Size: S
Size: 75B