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Creative Conceptions
Oral Fun Game

Sku: 19116
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  • The game for playful foreplay
  • Oralsex in all possible forms
  • Build up lust and arousal

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Product Description

Oral Fun Game - Give and receive oralsex in every conceivable form!

Oral Fun Game is an erotic game that serves as the perfect foreplay. During the game you will build up the desire and be teased to the breaking point. You will both receive, and give, oral pleasure in all forms. Each symbol on the gameboard represents an exciting category where the goal is to get to square 69. Kiss, lick and suck your way to the finish line where the prize is your pleasure.

The game contains:

  • 30 Trivia-cards
  • Gameboard
  • 2 game-pieces
  • Dice
  • Instructions

Good things to have at home: Flavored lubricant, small treats (eg cherries, strawberries), ice cubes, drinks (eg cola, bubbly, wine, beer) and blindfolds (use a tie or similar if you do not have one at home).


Brand: Creative Conceptions
Number of players: 2 players
Language: English