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Pipedream Fetish Fantasy
Silk Rope Hogtie

Sku: 16569
Sold out (invisible)
  • Rope tied like a hogtie
  • Imprisons hands and feet
  • Perfect for bondage-play

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Product Description

Silk Rope Hogtie - Take control of your partner in bed and show who's in charge.

This bondage-rope is already tied as a hogtie which is incredibly popular in Bondage Games and restricts your partner's mobility.

The rope is incredibly easy to use and therefore suitable for beginners in Bondage, but they are also durable to suit the most experienced.

Secure your partner's wrists and ankles either from the front or behind the back to limit movement even more.


Brand: Pipedream » Fetish Fantasy Series
Material: Polyester
Firmness: Soft