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Fifty Shades of Grey
No Peeking, Soft Twin Blindfold Set

Sku: 14487
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(2 reviews)
  • Heighten the ambience in the bedchamber
  • 2 blindfolds included
  • Luxurious sotrage bag in satin included

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Product Description

No Peeking, Soft Twin Blindfold Set - Increase the excitement together!

A pair of blindfolds can raise the mood in the bedroom in many ways, for example during the foreplay, during the sensual massage or during the entire sex act.

No Peeking is part of the popular collection Fifty shades of Gray and contains two colored blindfolds, one silver and one black. They are made of satin and have a soft and comfortable surface on the back. The straps that hold them in place are elastic and sit comfortably on everyone.

By turning off one of the body's senses, which in this case is sight, the body automatically increases the focus on the other senses, which means that touch, smell, and hearing are experienced much more intensely.

In addition to the two blindfolds, a silver-colored satin bag is also included where you can store them between uses.


Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
Color: Black, Silver
Material: Satin
Surface: Smooth, Silky smooth
Firmness: Soft