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  • JoyDivision Aquaglide: Water-based Lubricant, 200 ml

JoyDivision Aquaglide
Water-based Lubricant, 200 ml

Sku: 13467
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  • Water-based and medicinal
  • Skinfriendly and pH-optimized
  • Perfect during and oralsex
  • Compatible with condom and toys

Customer reviews

Product Description

Aquaglide - Longlasting glide-effect and optimal moisture-level!

AquaGlide from JoyDivision is a water-based and medical lubricant that provides a longlasting and optimal moisture-level during intimate moments - just a few drops are enough. Aquaglide has been one of the most famous and probably the most popular lubricants on the European market for 20 years.

The lubricant provides moments of pulsating passion. With a longlasting gliding ability and reduced friction, the intimate moments together become more beautiful than ever. Perfect for both penetrating sex and oral sex. It can be used perfectly together with latex-condoms and sextoys regardless of material.

The gentle formula is skinfriendly and pH-optimized for an intimate balance. The lubricant is water-soluble and fat-free, so you can easily wash it off without the risk of stains.

Other great features

  • Very effective and long lasting
  • Premium and medical grade
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Only vegan content
  • Made in Germany


Brand: JoyDivision
Lubricant base: Water
Texture: Thick
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 200 ml