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  • Mystim: Plunging Pete, E-Stim Corona Strap
  • Mystim: Plunging Pete, E-Stim Corona Strap
  • Mystim: Plunging Pete, E-Stim Corona Strap
  • Mystim: Plunging Pete, E-Stim Corona Strap

Plunging Pete, E-Stim Corona Strap

Sku: 15409
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(1 reviews)
  • Ring with plug for the urethra
  • 24 carat gold-plating
  • Possibility for electrical impulses
  • Requires a Mystim-stimulator

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Product Description

ATTENTION! Discontinued and greatly reduced product - Take the chance while it is still available for purchase!

Electrosex has become increasingly popular. Of course, we want to keep up with the trend and offer our customers toys to test their limits in stimulation via electronic impulses.

The products from Mystim are both high-quality and popular - we have selected these to offer you the best on the market.

Plunging Pete is a cockring with a penis-plug that has 24 carat gold-plating. Carefully insert the penis-plug into the urethra along with a sterile lubricant. Remember to never pull out the plug immediately after inserting it, let your penis get used to it. The penis ring can be adjusted to fit your size.

The gold plating makes the stimulation of the electrical impulses more even. The two balls on the sides can be easily adjusted along the strap so that you place them where they give you the best stimulation.

NOTE! To activate the poles and the electrical impulses, you need a Mystim-stimulator, such as "Pure Vibe E-Stim Unit" or "Cluster Buster" which is sold separately.

If you have not tested a similar product before, we recommend that you choose to test with a regular penis-plug first to try it out. When using electro-pulses for stimulation, you should always keep in mind that you who have heart problems, are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy should never use these. Always read the operating instructions carefully. is not responsible for accidents that occur in connection with the use of electrosex-products.


Brand: Mystim
Color: Black, Gold
Material: Silicone, 24K Gold Plating
Diameter: 0,4 (plug) cm
Insertable length: 3,5 cm