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  • Pharmquests: Fistit, Numbing, 500 ml

Fistit, Numbing, 500 ml

Sku: 15807
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  • For great fisting-play
  • Cooling and lightly numbing
  • Creamy and water-based
  • Can be used with latex & vinyl-gloves

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Product Description

Fistit Numbing - A numbing-gel that makes you get the most out of your fisting-play as a beginner.

Fisting has been practiced for several decades and comes from the English word fist which means fist.

You can practice fisting in different ways both with one hand and with two, however something you should always keep in mind is that you are careful and that both you and your partner have agreed.

With this fisting-gel, you can feel confident that it will not hurt as it numbs even if it does not remove the feeling itself. It contains menthol which gives both a fresh scent and a slightly cooling feeling.

Apply the gel around the erogenous zones as well as your hand and give your partner a wonderful experience.

Fistit Numbing comes in a large jar that holds a full 500 ml. You can advantageously use latex and vinyl-gloves together with this gel.

Note! Fisting should be nice, not painful. Have a dialogue with your partner, maybe you want to use passwords for when to stop or continue?


Brand: Shots Toys » PharmQuests
Lubricant base: Water
Effect: Numbing
Color: White
Scent: Menthol
Flavor: Neutral
Latex safe: Yes
Volume: 500 ml