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  • Pharmquets: Bodypaint Strawberry, 50 gram

Bodypaint Strawberry, 50 gram

Sku: 18951
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(1 reviews)
  • Spices up the foreplay & sexlife
  • Patterns on your partner's skin
  • Tasty flavour of strawberries

Customer reviews

Product Description

Bodypaint, Strawberry - Decorate your partner with delicious patterns in tasty strawberry.

Spice up your sex life with a body color that allows you to create sensual patterns on your partner's naked skin. It is excellent as foreplay, especially for you who love the wonderfully good taste of strawberries.

Ingredients: Sugar-glucose-fructose syrup, strawberries (30%), water, elderberry juice, dietic acid: citric acid, thickeners: pectin-xanthan gum, aroma, preservative: potassium sorbate, colorant: E163.


Brand: Shots Toys » PharmQuests
Color: Red
Flavor: Strawberry
Weight: 50 g