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Horse Whip with Transparent Handle

Sku: 17829
In stock
  • Very resilient
  • Stylish handle
  • Flat striking-surface
  • Leather and plastic

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Product Description

Rimba, Horse Whip, Transparent Handle - Easy swings with serious effects.

Like a traditional riding crop, it is relatively short and has a lot of spring. With a combination of both leather and plastic, you get the best of both worlds.

At the front of the 60 cm long whip you will find something similar to a flat bat. It provides a perfect strike surface that makes your partner's bare skin scream in satisfying pain.

The handle is stylish and designed for easy use. At the bottom you will find a metal knob that provides a better grip. In addition, it is aesthetically beautiful.


Brand: Rimba
Color: Transparent, Black, Silver
Material: Plastic, Leather
Surface: Smooth
Length: 60 cm