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  • Shunga: Dragon Cream
  • Shunga: Dragon Cream

Dragon Cream

Sku: 13644
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(5 reviews)
  • Strengthen control and perform at your peak
  • Maximizes the sexual experience
  • Natural extracts and herbs
  • Tingling sensation of cold & heat

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Product Description

Shunga's Dragon Cream - Strengthen control and perform at peak!

Shunga's Dragon Cream is a product in the brand's Erotic Art collection. For lovers who want to reach the maximum erotic experience, with perfect pleasure, arousal and heat.

This cream is designed for men who want to increase control over their capacity in the bedroom and be able to perform at their peak. The cream also helps to increase the sexual experience, while making it easier to control one's ejaculation.

Shunga Dragon Cream contains natural extracts and herbs as active ingredients, which are especially effective for men.

Apply a small dab of cream before intercourse or other sexual activity. Lubricate both the glans and the entire shaft of the penis. Lightly massage the cream over the entire penis for around half a minute. Shortly afterwards, you will feel a wonderful tingling sensation of both cold and heat at the same time.

If you don't massage the cream in too thoroughly, your partner will also get to share in the wonderful effect.

The effect of this product varies for each individual and a certain result can never be guaranteed.


Brand: Shunga
Effect: Tingling, Warming, Cooling
Texture: Light
Volume: 60 ml

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