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  • Strict: Bed Restraint Kit
  • Strict: Bed Restraint Kit
  • Strict: Bed Restraint Kit
  • Strict: Bed Restraint Kit
  • Strict: Bed Restraint Kit

Bed Restraint Kit

Sku: 18618
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  • Strap each other down to the bed
  • Adjustable & padded cuffs
  • Straps for most beds

Customer reviews

Product Description

Bed Restraint Kit - Spice up your sexlife and fasten each other to the bed.

With your entire bed as a playground, sometimes something extra is needed to keep your partner completely submissive and available. A Bed Restraint Kit is the perfect tool that ties your partner to the bed and stretches his/her limbs to all four corners.

The adjustable hand- and foot-cuffs are padded to offer extra comfort. You also have the option of attaching a lock to these to ensure that your partner is guaranteed to be stuck.

You install the straps under the bed and towards each corner. Then tighten to achieve the desired length. The set can be adapted to most beds. The strap in the middle can be adjusted up to 142.2 cm. The four straps that lead to the shackles can be adjusted up to 167.6 cm.

Main features of the product:

  • Ankle-straps for arms and legs
  • Extends limbs towards all 4 corners of the bed
  • Padded straps for extra comfort
  • Fits most beds


Brand: XR Brands » Strict
Color: Black
Material: Nylon, Metal, Faux leather
Surface: Smooth
Firmness: Medium
Circumference: 12,7 - 24,1 (cuffs) cm